Eat no trash.

Junk food has got a grip on our lives and West Australians of all shapes and sizes are eating far too much of it.

High in fat, salt and sugar, it’s time for an urgent wake up call. Take the pledge, say no to junk, and join the Heart Foundation’s No Junk November.

Raise some cash.

We’re asking all West Aussies to sign up and participate by pledging to say No to junk food and Yes to healthier food choices.

We’re also asking you to get your friends and family on board by sponsoring you to help raise much needed funds for heart disease research and prevention.

How No Junk November works

Test your willpower and say adios to junk food for the month of November.

Whether it’s ditching your morning biscuit, 3pm sugar hit, midnight fries or taking the ultimate challenge and giving it all up, it’s time to dump the junk and feel good at the same time.

Take on the challenge. Get others to sponsor you and donate the money you would have spent on junk food.

Plus, for a limited time, sign up and you’ll receive a FREE day pass to Next Gen Gyms in WA.

Feel more energised, healthier and happier and help raise funds for lifesaving heart research and prevention.

It’s easier to achieve your goals with the support of others. So why not ask your friends, family and colleagues to join you and take on the challenge.

About the cause

The Cause

We’re fighting the single biggest killer of Australians, heart disease.
For over 58 years the Heart Foundation has led the battle to save lives and improve the heart health of all Australians. Our sights are set on a world where people don’t suffer or die prematurely because of heart disease.

We fund lifesaving heart research, and work to improve heart disease prevention and care for all Australians. View our Privacy Statement

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