Choosing healthy snacks to survive the month

It’s official – you’ve decided to skip your beloved morning muffin, dump your secret lolly stash or you’re taking the ultimate challenge and giving it all up this November.

But then the 3pm slump hits, you have a stressful day or maybe it’s cheap Tuesdays at the movies and you’ve always said yes to a box of buttery popcorn in the past.

Whatever your weakness, if the thought of ditching the junk is making you nervous now’s the time to start getting ready for your No Junk November.

The time between meals can often be a danger zone in your efforts to say No to junk. Whether it be hunger, boredom or stress, there are many things that can draw us towards quick and often unhealthy snacks.

Many quick snack choices are high in added sugar and saturated fat, and contribute a lot more to our daily kilojoule intake than we think… just one handful of chips can contain up to three teaspoons of fat and provide the same amount of kilojoules as a small meal!

Feeling like a snack? Here are some healthy options to survive the month like a boss and kick start your healthy eating journey:

Have a drink of water first.

You may actually be thirsty!

Instead of lollies

Try fresh or dried fruit, which is packed full of vitamins and fibre to fill you up, and has less sugar than a bag of lollies

Fancy some potato chips?

Crunch on some vegetable sticks and hummus with only ¼ of the fat

Instead of roasted salted nuts

Have some plain unsalted nuts which are a healthy snack if eaten in small amounts. Roasting adds more fat so choose unroasted nuts.

Craving a chocolate bar?

Get that sweet hit you’re after with a cup of fruit salad. It contains only 1/3 of the kilojoules, ½ the sugar and almost no fat.

Feel like a muffin?

Grab a slice of fruit bread with a light spread of low fat cream cheese containing less fat, and almost ½ the energy and sugar content of most muffins.

Fancy a sausage roll?

Try wholegrain crackers, cheese and tomato. This contains almost ½ the kilojoules and fat of a sausage roll.

There are plenty of other healthy and convenient snack choices available.

Fruit toast, low-fat yoghurt, rice cakes and air-popped popcorn are easy to store and convenient to grab when hunger strikes!


Need to take a day off from your No Junk November challenge for a special occasion? Or have a slip up? No biggie, you are forgiven. Just donate $25 for a junk pass and help fund heart disease prevention and research.